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Wednesday | August 07, 2002

Don't call the lawyers!

Uh oh. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee just issued a press release stating the following:

Florida Democratic Party Chair Bob Poe and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last Friday convened a high level conference call between national Democratic legal and political strategists and Democratic candidates running in FL-13 to explore legal options regarding Katherine Harris' recent forced resignation as Florida Secretary of State.
According to the release, Democratic lawyers will spend the weekend researching the issue, mulling a potential challenge to her candidacy.

While I would love to see Harris relegated to the dustbin of history, the Democrats should leave this alone. They only need to look toMassachusetts to see the folly in calling in the lawyers. In MA, GOP gubernatorial candidate Romney faced legitimate issues over his Massachusetts residency -- issues that threatened to derail his campaign. Yet rather than let Romney twist in the wind amidst falling poll numbers, state Democrats challenged his residency.

Romney won the challenge, defused the issue, and successfully portrayed himself as a victim of dirty Dem tactics. Net result? Romney was back on track and leading in the polls.

The Democrats should focus on Harris' incompetence, exemplified by her inability to follow the rules of her own office. Anything else, especially calling in lawyers, smacks of desperation.

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