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Tuesday | September 03, 2002

Term limits hurts governance

A news analysis in the LA Times confirms some of the worst fears about term limits.

This is an opinion piece, so term-limit advocates undoubtedly have their own spin on the matter. However, it seems clear that term limits in California have ushered in an era of amateur legislators, so inexperienced they depend on career staffers and special interest lobbyists to help guide their decisions.

In addition, legislators are in office so short a time that they do not get a chance to establish relationships with their colleagues on the other side of the aisle, fostering a more partisan atmosphere.

When all actions are tallied, the production of the session that ended Sunday shortly past midnight likely will match that of recent years. There were bills on vital issues ranging from school construction and renewable energy to water delivery, recycling and mass transit. But to Capitol veterans, the scene seemed haphazard, rushed, increasingly partisan and perhaps overly influenced by special interests.

"Everybody here is on a learning curve," said Assemblyman Bill Leonard (R-San Bernardino), serving out his 24th and final year in the Legislature.

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