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Tuesday | September 03, 2002

McBride up in FL, Smith up in NH

Two bits of good news:

1) Dem primary candidate McBride is riding some serious momentum to possible victory over Janet Reno. Hopelessly behind in the polls just weeks ago, McBride is now in a statistical dead heat with Reno, and has received the endorsements of every major Florida newspaper. And, as he rises in the polls, fundraisers have started to pour dollars into his campaign coffers.

McBride is far more competitive against Jeb than Reno, who motivates the right-wing and Cuban-American vote like no one short of Bill Clinton himself. A poll today showed McBride leading Jeb 49-46. However, take the poll with a grain of sand -- it's a Survey USA poll (which are not to be trusted).

Update: This more reliable (though partisan) poll has McBride and Jeb statistically tied, with Bush up 48-47 percent. In that same poll, Bush leads Reno by 16 points, 55-39.

2) Up in NH, Sen. Smith has pulled even with his primary challenger John Sununu. Sununu had led in the race for months, but appeals to Smith's seniority and experience seem to be turning the tide. A Smith victory would improve the chances of a Dem pickup. In the poll, Dem candidate Jeanne Shaheen led Smith 42-39, while Sununu led Shaheen 44-43.

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