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Friday | September 20, 2002

Florida Democrats united

One of the benefits of a rancor-free primary is that the three Democratic candidates can step on a podium, raise their arms together, and not be dogged by the scent of hypocrisy. These three seem to genuinely like each other, and made sure to keep their guns trained on Bush during their tight primary battle.

Despite what could have been a divisive primary election, Florida Democrats are working together more than any time in years and may be poised for their strongest run at the Governor's Office in nearly a decade.

mcBride_unity.jpg"It's the most unified I've ever seen the Democrats," said Lance de Haven-Smith, a veteran political scientist at Florida State University.

"The only time in the 20th century that they've lost a governor's race, aside from a special case in 1998, it was because of a meltdown in the Democratic Party itself. They almost have to fight among themselves to lose."

At the unity rally, all three candidates took turns praising the others. And the key? Not one of them said anything during the primary campaign that can be used as fodder by the Bush campaign.

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