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Friday | September 20, 2002

Townsend's MD campaign in trouble

A couple of months ago I wrote of Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend glowingly, and even mentioned her as a possible veep choice for 2004. Just a few months later, the luster is off as Townsend struggles in her Guv campaign in a solidly Democratic state.

Thus, the state's top Dems gathered to "rescue" Townsend's candidacy. (Just that word, "rescue", is an embarrassment to Townsend's campaign...)

The party wise men determined Townsend's campaign had three problems -- 1) Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley tepid support, 2) weak campaign leadership by a man with no statewide experience, and 3) state democrats that were "apologizing" for Townsend's candidacy. And then there's Townsend's gaffes, including this dangerous one:

[Baltimore Democrat and influential chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Howard P.] Rawlings said a Townsend primary-day performance captured on television news video - she stood silently and looked at her aides as a poll worker tried to prevent her from voting in view of gathered media members - was evidence of a candidate in trouble.

"I cannot believe she did not feel outraged about that," Rawlings said. "Her public persona on that showed weakness. No one wants someone weak running the state. ... Once I saw that, I said there are problems there. I just can't believe the woman doesn't have passion."

The party elders hope the meeting herald a new Townsend effort -- with state democrats firmly behind the candidate, and a new campaign team poised to bring more professionalism to the campaign. They better hope so. A glance at the Poll Watch on the right column shows that Townsend is in real trouble.

(Thanks Political Wire.)

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