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Thursday | October 10, 2002

More proof Davis is an idiot

Is California Gov. Gray Davis crazy? GOP challenger Bill Simon's campaign has been a comedy of errors, the latest a botched (and erroneous) accusation that Davis illegally received a campaign contribution on state property.

As a result, Simon is the ONE person in the state Davis could beat right now. So what does Davis do?

"This whole sorry episode has backfired in Mr. Simon's face ... as a former prosecutor, he should certainly be embarrassed, and if he had any sense of honor, he would drop out of the race," the governor said on KGO-AM. "You have to check your facts in this business."
Does Davis really want Simon to drop out? Would he rather face Riordan (who would beat him by 30 points)?

Given the choice, I'd take plague and pestilence over this gubernatorial choice. (And no, voting for the Greens is not an option.)

Update: Nathan Newman has this impressive look at progressive accomplishments in California under (top to bottom) Democratic leadership. It doesn't get Davis off the hook (remember, Democrats have solid control of the California legislature), but much of it would not be possible with a Republican governor (like Simon).

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