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Thursday | October 10, 2002

Democratic base angry at Democrats

While one opinion poll after another showed tepid support for a war with Iraq, Congressional Democrats have generally meekly submitted to Bush's war machine. Now, it seems as if the party is paying the price amongst its base:

The prospect of war with Iraq is dealing Democratic candidates a triple blow. It's pushing their best issues, such as health care and the economy, into the background, while also damaging two crucial campaign operations -- fundraising and voter turnout -- among key liberal constituencies disillusioned over the party's failure to challenge President Bush more forcefully on his bellicose posture toward Baghdad.
To be sure, my general sense is that the article is more pessimistic than reality. But it does reflect a legitimate frustration amogst the party base to a party that is too afraid to provide effective opposition to the president.

Update: A comments poster points out this excellent article, which profiles the trials and tribulations of the heroic select few who are opposing Bush's war.

s the House opened debate Tuesday on a resolution authorizing military action against Iraq, the White House urged lawmakers to deliver an overwhelming bipartisan show of support. But a determined minority in Congress stood firm in opposition, despite facing ridicule and, for some members, the risk of electoral defeat in November.

"There's an attempt to marginalize the opposition and suggest that only a handful of people are voting `no,"' said Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas), adding that about 100 House members were expected to vote against the Iraq resolution.

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