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Saturday | October 12, 2002

Brits ease off war threats

Britain is moving further away from an Iraq conflict as Saddam continues to make concessions.

Britain, Washington's closest ally, suggested earlier on Saturday the likelihood of conflict was receding because Iraq's threatened leadership was making concessions on inspections, designed to expose suspected programs to develop nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told BBC radio the prospect of war had moved "probably further away."

"Just four weeks ago (the Iraqis) were saying they would not have the inspectors back in any circumstances, that they had no weapons of mass destruction. There is only one reason why they have moved this far -- not far enough -- but this far, and that is because of the potential threat of force," he said.

"What we face here is a paradox. The firmer and tougher we are up front about the fact that we will use force in Iraq...the more likely there is to be a peaceful resolution."

Bush should be smart, declare victory (well-deserved), and make plans to rush weapons inspectors into Iraq. The problem is that Bush has shown no indication he considers inspections a successful outcome. He wants war, dammit, and he won't let no lousy inspections get in the way.

Yet the Brits are eager to declare victory and move on, while the US is getting pummeled in the court of international public opinion -- remember, it is the US that is now obstructing the work of UN weapons inspectors.

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