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Sunday | October 20, 2002

Why is the DNC dumping money in TN?

Perhaps internal DSCC polls show something no one else does, but the DSCC has started to air ads on behalf of underdog Dem candidate Bob Clement. Given the scarcity of Democratic Party funds, it's strange they are spending money on a race that by all accounts seems to be over.

The ad is the first in Tennessee to be financed by DSCC, which announced last week it would come to the aid of Democratic Senate nominee Bob Clement, Alexander's opponent.

The ad features a video of Republican Alexander declaring in his 1985 "state of the state" speech as governor:

"It may come as a shock to some people that I'm willing to consider a flat-rate income tax. I believe it is likely that Tennessee will enact some kind of income tax during the 1990s; the only question is when and what kind."

The ad narrator says that Alexander also "pushed through 150 tax increases" as governor and rattles off a list, including "a billion-dollar increase in the sales tax" as well as gas taxes, hotel taxes, coal taxes, hunting license fees, marriage taxes, soft drink taxes, gun show taxes, gift taxes and cigarette taxes.

Alexander has repeatedly contended that he never advocated a state income tax and merely considered the possibility, then rejected the idea.

That's all great and wonderful, but send the money to Kirk, or Wellstone, or Carnahan, or Johnson, or Pryor, or Shaheen, or even Bowles.

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