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Monday | October 21, 2002

Latest Gallup poll good news for Dems

The latest Gallup poll has nothing but bad news all around for the the GOP. Whether the Dems can take advantage of the prevailing voters sentiment remains to be seen, but the stage is set.

Bush's approval rating is down to 62 percent -- the lowest Gallup has recorded since 9-11, and represents a five point drop in the last two weeks (post war authorization).

On the issues voters rate most imporant, the results were as such:

Economic concerns 37%
Terrorism 32%
Fear of war/General fear 15%
Crime/Violence 10%
International issues 9%
Education 6%
Dissatisfaction with government/leaders 4%
Healthcare 4%
National security 4%
Ethics/Morals/Family decline 4%
The economy and fear of war -- both Democrat strongholds -- are top concerns of 52 percent of the public.

Finally, a mere 56 percent of the public support war against Iraq, despite the administration's massive PR effort. And these numbers are inflated by the public's belief that modern wars are bloodless. Other polling has consistently shown support for war dropping when American casualties are factored in.

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