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Friday | November 01, 2002

Congrats to MyDD

I think congratulations are in order for our good friend Jerome Armstrong at MyDD, who was interviewed for this Reuters story and was featured this morning on CNN.

I'm excited for Jerome not only because we have become friends over the past 6 months, helping each other improve the quality of our "product", but because he is helping legitimize the blog as a serious player in the political publishing world. And off the top of my head, he is probably the first liberal site to get such recognition. (Plenty have discussed Instapundit, et al.) So this is definitely cause for celebration.

But hopefully Jerome will be the first of many to receive their just recognition. While all blogs serve their important niche, sites like Political Wire, MyDD. TalkLeft, MaxSpeak, and Brad DeLong should help push the blog into wider acceptance amongst the "mass media" pantheon. These are sites that focus like a laser on a particular niche (politics, politics, crime, economy and economy, respectively), and provide content and analysis above and beyond that provided by traditional media and so-called pundits.

One last note about MyDD: His is the first blog I ever read. In fact, I started reading his site when all it contained were predictions and the odd analytical piece. I was there the day he launched his blog. And after a week, I was so inspired that I launched Daily Kos.

So, I am officially, and proudly, a MyDD blogchild.

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