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Friday | November 01, 2002

Dems lead in OK guv race?

File this new SUSA poll results under "what the f---?"

As the campaign to be Oklahoma s next governor enters the home stretch, Democrat Brad Henry has managed to pull ahead in the polls for the first time, according to a scientific poll conducted by Survey USA exclusively for Oklahoma City television station KFOR-TV-DT.


The results are somewhat surprising since Henry, 39, a state senator from Shawnee, has trailed GOP nominee and NFL Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent, 48, for the entire campaign period. The latest poll, though, shows Henry with a slight lead, 39-37 percent, with a margin of error of 3.8 percent. Independent candidate Gary Richardson, a former Republican, gets 21 percent of the vote, according to Survey USA.

Survey USA is really going out on a limb on a lot of these races, showing strong Dem numbers in races like SC and OK where everyone else predicts safe GOP victories.

I can't imagine Henry wins this, but if he does, it will officially signal a Dem rout of the GOP.

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