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Monday | November 04, 2002

SurveyUSA still predicts Largent upset

That's two polls in a row. SurveyUSA once again shows Democrat Brad Henry leading NFL superstar Steve Largent for Oklahoma's top office, 42-38, with independent candidate Gary Richardson picking up 17.

With numbers so close, I am used to talking about the Democratic Party's superior GOTV efforts. But does a Democratic Party even exist in Oklahoma? Sifting through newspaper archives, about the only major hit Largent took was the profanity incident (where he swore at a television reporter while the camera was rolling). I still find it hard to believe Largent could lose the governorship of this solidly GOP state over a swear word (or two).

I still won't say a Dem pickup is likely, but it would be sweet to see the GOP trying to spin their way out of that embarassment. Losing Kansas would be bad enough. Wyoming would be amazing. Oklahoma? That would be even better than OK!

(Horrid pun. Line me up against the wall and shoot me now. Please.)

Update: The AP has turned its spotlight on this race, pegging it as a race-to-the-finish nailbiter. To my horror, one of the reasons Henry is surging is his opposition to a statewide referendum trying to ban cockfighting in Oklahoma. Largent supports the measure. Thankfully, the governor has no say in the measure (which looks headed to comfortable victory), but it does make me think ill of Henry.

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