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Monday | November 04, 2002

Bush confident of GOP wins

So much for lowering expectations. Once again believing Karl Rove's love sonnets (Bush actually thought he would win 2000 in a landslide), Bush is going around predicting that Republicans won't lose any seats in Congress.

Bush has made this election about himself, and showing his usual self-confidence (pomposity, if you ask me), he thinks he has rescued his party from itself. He sees adoring throngs at his campaign appearances, any protesters are safely confined to "First Amendment Zones" out of the president's earshot, and the media is afraid to touch his scandals for fear of the "liberal" label. Protected from criticism, Bush truly seems to believe he is infallible (hence his refusal to fire Harvey Pitt), and believes that his so-called popularity rubs off on his Republican colleagues.

Gallup shows Bush's approval ratings in the low 70s, and the media rushes to cite the figures as proof of the president's "popularity". A similar poll by American Research Group puts him at 55 percent, and it is ignored. And ARG is the same outfit that has consistently given Sununu his best poll numbers against Shaheen.

Tomorrow is important for many reasons. First and foremost, Democrats must retain the Senate, if for no other reason than to halt Bush's reactionary court appointments. Second of all, sweeping the State Houses will provide Dems with future Senatorial and Presidential candidates (as well as help in the development of the state party infrastructure).

But let's not forget that this election is also about Bush. By injecting himself so deeply into many of the country's closest races, Bush has effectively transformed this election into a national referendum on his performance. And tomorrow, by the grace of this nation's electorate, he will watch a sea of blue victories sweep across the nation and turn his world upside down.

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