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Monday | December 02, 2002

Veterans against the war

A quick plug: Veterans Against The Iraq War.

I am a Gulf War-era vet, and have never been a peacenik. I believe in the use of force to advance notions such as democracy, human rights, yadda yadda, so long as force is a tool of last resort (as was the case with Serbia).

However, we face a conflict that is spurred not be democractic concerns, or human rights, or peace or anything noble and honorable. Rather, we have petty grudges, political considerations, and the commercial interests of the president's favorite oil conglomerates. And for that, many of our countrymen will pay the ultimate price.

(Nevermind that Osama Bin Laden, a proven enemy of our nation, continues to run free and his followers continue to attack Western interests...)

As a veteran, this offends me to no end. And I am not alone. It is one thing to surrender one's life in pursuit of a noble ideal. Another to die needlessly on behalf of political megalomania.

Here's hoping that the folks behind this new anti-war group can help build a new veteran's movement on behalf of peace.

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