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Saturday | December 07, 2002

Operation "Pie in the Face": Dems sweep LA

The GOP was calling the LA Senate race "Operation Icing on the Cake". Well, all that confidence appears to have been misplaced. We've got "Operation Pie in the Face".

Fox News has just called the race for Landrieu -- she has a solid lead with little room for Terrell to gain ground. For a race that meant little to me two weeks ago, this feels great. We can talk about lessons learned, etc., over the next few days. But for now, let's just savor the moment.

Okay, I lied, here's a couple of immediate thoughts:

  1. The veneer of invincibility is fading from Bush. This should've been an easy victory for Bush. Indeed, the GOP paraded just about everybody who's anybody in their party through the state. And, they raised enough money to wage a relentless negative air war against Landrieu. (And, they could keep her off the campaign trail, where she was reportedly a stiff); and

  2. This will be the second straight victory by the Tim Johnson (Tom Daschle) campaign team against the full onslaught of Rove's political machine. And they did it not by running with the president, but by taking him head on. Once in the solid red state of SD, and now in the lean-red state of Louisiana.
Who is behind that Johnson team? Inquiring minds want to know. Whoever is in charge is the Dems answer to Karl Rove. He or she is BRILLIANT.

Was the sugar issue the turning point in the election? Did the black vote materialize? Did the Trent Lott "yeay segregation!" comments motivate the African American community?

More in the next few days, obviously. If nothing else, these victories show that the Democratic Party is not dead in the South. And with that, I'm heading out to dinner with friends in a DAMN GOOD mood.

Update: Expect Landrieu to be on everyone's VP short list next year.

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