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Tuesday | December 10, 2002

Cattle Call 2004: 12/10

I give up trying to run these things on Mondays. They'll run weekly, and we'll leave it at that!

Last week's rankings: 1. Gore; 2. Kerry; 3. Dean; 4. Edwards; misc. others.

1. Al Gore
Not a bad week for Gore. He's ahead in the latest meaningless poll out of NH, edging out regional candidates Dean and Kerry. And, he was the first Democratic Party heavy-hitter to bash Lott for his racist "I love segregation!" statements. And since the national press and VRWC is obsessed with Kerrey's haircuts, he has gotten a pass from their vitriol this week.

Update: I forgot this on the first pass, but here's another reason I gave Gore the "up" arrow: Donna Brazille ran the GOTV effort in LA's African American community, and did a killer job. She has remained a Gore loyalist, and her presence in his campaign will give him a huge boost amongst that constituency.

2. John Kerry
Kerry's hair story seems to be running its course, and to be honest, I don't see it as any sort of setback. But where has he been on the Lott story? Are Senators forbidden by Senate ethical traditions from criticizing the leadership of the other party? Daschle didn't get any such deference during the whole "demonize Daschle" campaign.

3. Tom Daschle
Call this pick controversial, but his political team just pulled two improbable victories from the full-fledged mightiest efforts of the Bush/Rove machine. Assuming these consultants are his for the taking in 2004, he's got good reason to feel good about himself.

Of course, excusing Lott's behavior (which is worse than just giving him a pass) doesn't inspire confidence or do anything to fire up the base, but perhaps that's just another example why he should step down as majority leader if he intends to run for president. The two jobs are mutually exclusive.

4. Howard Dean
Dean was invisible this week (not surprising, giving the sheer amount of news). Given his lack of name recognition, any week without making news is a bad week for him.

5. John Edwards
Only two percent in the latest NH poll? Going, going, gone...

Others to watch: Biden, Clark, Durbin, Gephardt, Hart, Lieberman, McCain, Sharpton, and Vilsack.

Update: Added Gary Hart to the "watch" list.

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