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Monday | December 23, 2002

Troops feel the pinch

In Bush's world, soldiers serve only to die as political pawns in Rove's great political chess game. So they suffer all sorts of hardships, needlessly put in harms way, to face possible death, as part of Bush's grand re-election scheme.

So you think they would merit at least a little consideration. Yet their pay raise will be hacked, from 3.7 perccent to 2 percent.

Is anyone surprised? This is the same administration that blocked additional funding (a Congressionally approved $275 million) to help reduce the backlog at our nation's VA hospitals.

But we are facing a budget crunch, and we do have to pay for Bush's costly tax cuts for those making over $400,000. How many of those individuals do you think served? How many of their children?

Let the poor and the middle class do the dying. And lest we threaten the all important tax cuts, or fat bonuses for Bush's political appointees, we have a vigilant administration guarding against unseemly pay raises of 3.7 percent.

So tell me again, how is Bush pro-military?

(Stars and Stripes link via Atrios.)

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