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Monday | December 23, 2002

Why Iraq and not North Korea?

North Korea has nukes, missiles able to hit Hawaii and Alaska, and it is just a hair away from developing intercontinental ballistic missiles able to hit the continental US. And it has been led by a two (father-son) Communist megalomaniacs that have systematically starved their own people for the past few decades.

In addition, North Korea has been a belligerant nation, violating the UN armistice numerous times. In the past decades it has staged numerous small-scale forays into South Korean waters and territory.

So why is the Bush Administration obsessed with Iraq instead?

Yeah, yeah, I know the answer.


As for Korea, you'll be glad to hear they have nothing to worry about. The US has decided to use diplomacy to defuse the real threat posed by Pyongyang, rather than to threaten war against an impotent enemy, as it has with Iraq.

For the record, I agree with the diplomatic tack. But if any nation scares the shit out of me right now, it's North Korea.

Joseph Biden agrees:

This is a greater danger immediately to U.S. interests at this very moment, in my view, than Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) is.

If they lift the seals on these canisters (at the plant), they're going to be able to build four to five additional nuclear weapons within months...

Now if North Korea had oil, or a pipeline...

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