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Tuesday | January 28, 2003

Tonight's most important question

In every State of the Union address, as far as I can remember, the president of the United States has always uttered the words:

The state of the union has never been better.
So, will Bush have the guts to utter those words tonight? The nation is in the throes of a double-dip recession, the budget deficit may hit $400 billion this year (and deficits will last as far as the eye can see), unemployment is skyrocketing, we are engaged in a war with al Qaeda, and are about to start up an unecessary and unrelated second war against Iraq, and the president's party racist heritage and tactics have been fully exposed to all.

I can confidently say that the state of the union has been better. But the big question is what Bush will say. Will he say things have never been better, thus opening himself up to ridicule, or will he avoid those words and tacitly admit that the nation (under his leadership) has gone to shit?

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