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Monday | February 24, 2003

Edwards the early favorite in Maine

MB, who hails from Maine, corrects my speculation that Dean or Kerry could get a boost from the early Maine primary date:

You made one miscalculation in your post, though. Maine's Dem leadership is pretty solidly behind Edwards, including labor. My city committee leadership is definitely in Edward's camp - we're even inviting him to speak at our annual dinner in May. The one Dean supporter on the executive council is now voicing support for Carol M-B instead.

You have to understand that Kerry and Dean don't play well in Maine because their monied upbringing don't fit with Maine's mill worker, logging and fishing traditions. "Smarmy" is the word most often heard in regards to Dean - they see him as a fast-talking New Yorker. (Mariners feel Vermont has been transformed, and not in a particularly positive way, by emigration from NYC and surrounding counties, and we fear the same could happen with Massachusetts emigres here - also not a plus for Kerry.)

And people on a national level cannot discount the Indian vote in states where that population is the largest minority, as it is in Maine. Indians won the second district for Gore in 2000 - they didn't break and go Green like they could have and many wanted to. The one non-recognized and four recognized tribes are all part of the Wabenaki Confederacy, as are Vermont's Western Abenaki - that means we are morally and politically obligated to stand w/ the Western Abenaki, which we will do in the primaries, and actively campaign against Dean.

Class and economic issues come first, way above regional loyalties.

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