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Monday | February 24, 2003

Bush running scared at governor's meeting

True to Bush's base instincts -- he dispensed with years of tradition in the annual National Governor's Association and

  1. tried to cut back on the traditional question-and-answer period with the president,

  2. closed the dinner to the press,

  3. insisted on reviewing a Democratic toast for the dinner,

  4. limited the number of governors who can meet with reporters at the White House after a meeting today, and

  5. dictated who will speak to reporters.
Does this sound like a president who is self-assured and confident? Clearly not. It sounds like a president afraid for his political life -- unable to handle even the slightest non-scripted moment or scintilla of criticism.

The governors also bickered amongst themselves over the traditional joint resolution, with GOP members loath to criticize Bush for billions they face in unfunded federal mandates (you know, the kind of things for which they used to beat up Clinton). An initial draft resolution failed along party lines, with another effort at concensus scheduled for today.

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