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Friday | March 07, 2003

The latest from the UNSC

All hell is breaking loose at the UN Security Council, as both sides dig in HARD.

The latest report from Blix gave ammo to both sides -- saying Iraq had a ways to go for full disarmament, but that it had made great progress over the past month.

The anti-war crowd is arguing that no military action should take place so long as inspections are making progress. It's kind of hard to argue that "inspections have failed", when in reality, they haven't. Not yet anyway.

On the other side is the US, who has seemingly given up on getting the nine votes and is instead busy demonizing the UN ("appeasers", "irrelevent", etc, etc).

The UK has floated a joke resolution that would give Saddam one week to disarm. Blix lauged it off -- it's an impossible deadline to meet. And in any case, it doesn't matter what Iraq does. The US will continue to argue that it isn't "enough".

So the latest tally is still four pro-war, five anti-war (including three veto-wielding nations), and six undecided.

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