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Friday | March 07, 2003

Pelosi dresses down Dems over Iraq

With many Democrats now fretting about the looming war (especially a subset of them known as "presidential candidates"), it's always worth remembering that Bush's war resolution was passed with substantial Democratic support. And House Minority Leader Pelosi doesn't want anyone else to forget either:

"If the Democrats had spoken out more clearly in a unified vote five months ago in opposition to the resolution, if the people had gone onto the streets five months ago in these numbers in our country and around the world, I think we might have been in a different place today," Pelosi said in response to a question after a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.
And once again, lest anyone forget, it was Gephardt who undercut Daschle's efforts in the Senate by cutting a deal with Bush for the war resolution. It was Gephardt who sold out his party, and for what? Mid-term losses and his presidential bid?

It's good to see a real Democrat running the party in the House once again.

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