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Tuesday | March 11, 2003

Blair says UK still in it

Rumsfeld's big mouth sparked speculation that the US was planning for a UK withdrawl from the upcoming Iraq invasion. However, Blair reiterated that he was committed to seeing this war through.

Of course, it's still clear that Blair desperately wants UN approval, or at the very least the support of a majority of the council. Neither is anywhere close to being in reach, with the six "undecided" nations indicating they would like a 45-day deadline for Iraq to disarm. in comparison, the UK's 7-day deadline "compromise" looks horribly pathetic, especially with the US tugging at the leash and foaming at the mouth at the prospect of invading Iraq.

Interestingly, reader CM passes on this story, which may explain Britain's reluctance to invade without UN sanction:

Legal experts added to the doubts by saying British troops could be the first defendants to face war crimes charges if the government joined a war without UN backing. Even the accidental bombing of Iraqi civilian targets could trigger criminal prosecutions, senior lawyers warned last night.
Australia is also a signatory to the International Criminal Court. The US is not (though I believe US officials can still be indicted and arrested overseas).

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