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Wednesday | March 12, 2003

A rant about DNC incompetence

I just got an email from the DNC with the following subject line: "Second Request: Membership Renewal".

You see, a month ago I signed up for a recurring $25/month donation to the party.

So first of all, if they had their act together, their little database would tell them that I was a monthly donor and that it wasn't necessary to send me this vaguely threatening email.

Second of all, and speaking of vaguely threatening, what's with the subject line: "Second Request"? What are they? Bill collectors? This is the kind of letter one gets right before an account is sent into collections. My initial reaction to the letter was anger ("who do they think they are???") -- not the intended reaction, I'm sure.

Third of all, the letter is authored by Terry McAuliffe. Ugh. The party should personalize these emails and have the "author" be the recipient's most popular local Democrat (for me it would be Barbara Lee or Barbara Boxer. Heck, Feinstein would be better than Terry).

This is all basic stuff. I'm tired of comparing the DNC's amateurish efforts to the GOP's sophisticated online efforts. I don't like to rag on my party, but if the leadership can't manage the little things, how can I trust it on the more important matters?

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