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Sunday | March 16, 2003

Blair steels himself for 2-front war

Bush claimed he had nine, or at least eight votes in the UN Security Council. He lied. He said he would force a UN vote to force countries to "show their hand". He lied. As the US and UK come to terms with their massive diplomatic failure, both countries turn to building legitimacy for their invasion.

In the UK, Blair is steeling himself for the resignation of Robin Cook and Clare Short -- an icon of the Labour Party left. And the rebellion amongst Labour Members of Parliament is growing, with more MPs ready to vote against Blair when he introduces his war resolution.

There have been threats that people will lose their jobs,' said Graham Allen, Nottingham MP and a leading figure among those seeking to launch a rebel amendment against the Government. 'They are telling people that the PM needs their loyalty. People are being put in a very difficult position.' Allen, Chris Smith, the former Culture Secretary who led the last rebellion, and Peter Kilfoyle, the former Defence Secretary, will put down an amendment to the Government's position; 200 MPs could rebel. A number of Ministers below Cabinet rank are likely to resign.

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