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Saturday | March 22, 2003

Clumsy propaganda attempts

If you want a laugh, check out Iraq's sad attampts at propaganda.

Calling the bombing in Baghdad a "cowardly assault," al-Sahaf denied U.S. claims that they launched more than 300 missiles.

"We have calculated in a small area of Baghdad, 19 missiles fell. I went there and saw parts of these missiles -- 19 missiles in a very small area," he said. "Therefore I expect tons of missiles have been shot down by the Iraqis."

Iraq's information minister also said the United States is so desperate to show progress that it "kidnapped" thousands of Iraqi civilians and forced them to dress up like soldiers, pretending to surrender to coalition forces in the oil-rich Faw peninsula of southern Iraq.

This is the same guy who denied for almost a day that US/UK forces where in Iraq, that the Faw Peninsula had fallen, etc.

If Iraq focused its efforts on wounded children and playing the "poor defenseless" card it would do far better. These clumsy efforts at propaganda make it easier to dismiss Iraqi claims outright -- even the ones that are true.

Of course, al-Sahaf may be play-acting for an Arab audience. And in that regard, perhaps al-Sahaf is succeeding.

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