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Saturday | March 22, 2003

Guerilla attacks; 4th ID

Guerilla attacks
As I predicted a week or two ago, the Iraqis have resorted to hit and run attacks against northward-bound US and UK troops. 7th Cav -- likely rushing north to establish a beachhead in the outskirts of Baghdad, was just ambushed. Two Humvees were hit by RPG killing four US soldiers.

Expect more such attacks on our troops moving north -- small scale engagements designed to harass, rather than confront our armored columns.

Also, as the US establishes its supply lines to support its frontline troops, expect those lines to get hit in similar fashion. RPGs have limited effect against M1 Abrams or M2 Bradleys, but Humvees and trucks are easy targets. I wouldn't be surprised if we suffered more casualties behind the frontlines than at the front.

4th ID
The long-running battle with Turkey over basing rights is over. The 4th Infantry Division, bobbing aimlessly off the coast of Turkey is finally heading south via the Suez Canal to Kuwait. They will be considered a "follow up force".

They'll be needed to pacify the country in the occupation phase.

Update: Great news! Four ambushed soldiers not dead. Just wounded.

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