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Monday | June 02, 2003

Katherine Harris and Ronnie White eye Senate seats

A glance over at the Political State Report yields two particularly interesting articles:

Assuming Sen. Bob Graham does not run for reelection (and we don't have a clear indication at this point), there is a strong chance that our favorite usurper of Democracy may take a stab at the job.

Florida's looming election season offers Republicans a chance to cement a slim majority in the U.S. Senate. But few candidates could attract as much national attention -- and money -- as Harris, the newly seated congresswoman from Sarasota, former secretary of state and heroine for some, devil for others, from the fabled 2000 election.

The beauty of Harris is her name, so well-known that she can afford to wait much longer than anyone else before entering any statewide race [...]

Harris flatly says "no way" to a contest with Graham. But seeking an open seat? "Never say never."

Imagine this: Florida 2004, the GOP ticket in Florida headlined by Bush and Cruella. This may very well make 2000 look like a picnic in the park.

What better way to remind Democratic voters in Florida and the nation of Bush's "selection" than to have Harris on the national stage? (And if she runs, she will be a national figure.)

Now moving on over to Missouri, there are reports that Missouri Supreme Court Justice Ronnie White is seriously considering taking on Sen. Kit Bond.

White, as you may recall, was a Clinton nominee for a federal post. Then-Senator Ashcroft had promised to support White to the state's African American community, but then welched on the promise.

A White candidacy could energize the state's black community, activate Democratic voters itching for revenge, and potentially boost the Democratic presidential nominee in one of the nation's tightest swing states.

Oooh, the drama!

Update: From the Grapefruit, a Florida political insider:

Harris has been regularly asking the White House for support and assistance for a run for Senate. However, our sources tell us the White House does not want Harris on the ticket. In fact, our sources indicate the President himself does not want to be sharing the podium with Harris while campaigning in Florida. They are convinced that Harris will significantly weigh down the President' re-election effort in Florida as the Republican nominee for Senate. Their thinking; she's been an unremarkable Congresswoman thus far and was the single largest polarizing force in the 2000 election. Florida is the state the White House wants to win big in 2004. Despite what Harris' hopes, the White House wants to distance itself from any mention of a Harris candidacy and has begun to movement to discourage her candidacy through various backchannels.
Precisely the reasons I do want her to run!

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