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Monday | June 02, 2003

FCC relaxes media ownership

It's official.

U.S. communications regulators on Monday narrowly approved sweeping new rules that will allow television broadcasters to expand their reach, despite fears about reducing the diversity of viewpoints.

The Republican-led Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to allow the broadcast networks to own television stations that reach a combined 45 percent of the national audience, up from 35 percent.

Citing a need to update decades-old rules to reflect new sources of entertainment, information and news via cable television and the Internet, the FCC also voted to lift a ban that prevents a company from owning both a newspaper and a television or radio station -- except in the smallest markets.

"I have heard the concerns expressed by the public about excessive consolidation," FCC Chairman Michael Powell said ahead of the vote. "They have introduced a note of caution in the choices we have made."

Well, good thing Powell introduce a "note of caution", though that caution may have been thrown to the wind with its party-line decision.

It's up to Congress to act, which ain't gonna happen until we reclaim congressional majorities and the White House next year.

There's a lot at stake people. Let's not forget that. The entire Left will need to unite and take back our government, lest we see our message drowned out by the ruthless Right-wing Wurlitzer.

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