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Tuesday | June 03, 2003

The illusory promise of Iraqi Democracy

Billmon chimes in with the second part of what I hope is a regular series. Let's call it, say, quotes on parade.

The first installment gave us quote after quote on the evils and immediate threat from Iraq's so-called WMD arsenal. This second installment covers the promise of Iraqi "Democracy".

We have such choice quotes as:

Garner, May 5, 2003: By the middle of (this) month, you'll really see a beginning of a nucleus of an Iraqi government with an Iraqi face on it that is dealing with the coalition.

Bremer, May 18, 2003: I've read a report in the American press about a delay (in the transitional authority). I don't know where these stories are coming from because we haven't delayed anything.

Bremer, May 21, 2003: I would think we are talking about more like sometime in July to get a national conference put together.

Rumsfeld, May 29, 2003: Question: When do you think there might be a government in place, even a provisional government in place in Iraq?

Rumsfeld: I don't know.

If Iraqi Democracy is anything like the Kuwaiti Democracy Poppy promised after GWI, then we're in for a long, long wait.

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