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Tuesday | July 08, 2003

Bremer's funny definition of "Democracy"

The headlines have become almost mundane.

Urban Combat Frustrates Army
Seven U.S. Soldiers Wounded as Iraqi Attacks Continue

Etc. But every day, at least one bit of news rises from the din and makes me shake my head in disbelief. Today's money quote:

"It's probably the most important day since April 9th, when the coalition came and liberated you from the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein," said L. Paul Bremer, the top U.S. official in Iraq. "Today marks the resumption of the democratic system in Baghdad, which hasn't been here in 30 years."
So what is this "Democracy" that has Bremer so excited?
the U.S.-led administration called two new city councils to order -- one in the southern Shiite city of Najaf and the other in the chaotic capital. The administration also announced an initial economic agenda, including establishment of an independent Iraqi central bank and plans to rid the country of bank notes bearing the image of Saddam Hussein [...]

In the Iraqi capital Monday, a polyglot city council met for the first time, bringing together a wide range of members -- from tribal leaders in headdresses to women in smart business suits. The role of the 37-member advisory body -- which has no spending authority -- is to advise the U.S.-led administration.

So the US appoints the members to the council. The US gives the council no authority other than to "advice" the occupation forces. The US announces the nation's initial agenda.

And this is "Democracy"?

It is Democracy. Bush style.

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