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Tuesday | July 08, 2003

DNC still needs lots of work

My regular readers know of my efforts to rally the Democratic base around the Democratic National Committee (motto: "we're not the DLC!"), and my parallel efforts to make the DNC more accountable to the base.

As I see it, the party has been too beholden to certain interests that have led it astray from core Democratic principles. The results? A Republican White House, Republican Congress, and Republican Judiciary.

By and by, I've been pleased with the party's responsiveness to many of these concerns. But there's still work to do, as this E.J. Dionne column demonstrates. While Dionne raves about Dean's ground operation, we get this ridiculous quote:

Those powers are paying attention. "It's all we talked about all week," Debra DeShong, communications director at the Democratic National Committee, said before the July 4 break. "How can we get to the people who are energized by Dean? How can we get them over to our side?"
Considering that Debra is the "communications director" at the DNC, I'm not willing to give her a pass:

Whose "side" does she think Dean's supporters are on? To be clear, Dean supporters are DEMOCRATS. So are Kerry's, and Gephardt's, and Kucinich's, and Edwards, and Sharpton's, and -- believe it or not -- even Lieberman's.

Is it any wonder that many people still confuse the DNC with the DLC -- when top party operatives still speak as though Dean supporters are somehow the enemy?

Debra DeShong, communication's director for the DNC, should've said:

"It's all we talked about all week. How can we get to the people who are energized by Dean? How can we get them to support other downticket Democrats?"
See? That's not hard! Language matters, and talking about "sides" implies division. There should no NO divisions between the DNC and the supporters of ANY of the Democratic presidential candidates.

Update: The column has been updated: Apparently she said SITE, not SIDE. Big difference, and a good save on their part.

Though to be honest, what the heck does the DNC site have that would get any Democrat excited? It needs some SERIOUS work.

Posted July 08, 2003 08:45 AM


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