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Thursday | July 10, 2003

1,000 troops wounded in Iraq

If it weren't for our amazing field hospitals, the damage would've been far worse. As it is, the Pentagon admits to over 1,000 troops wounded in the Iraq war.

That is in addition to over 250 dead.

And about $4 billion a month. That doesn't including reconstruction costs, or the tens of billions already spent on the initial month of combat operations.

All for a war predicated on LIES.

What's really fun about the administration's sudden troubles is that it puts them in classic Catch-22. They can either 1) claim lied about its WMD claims, or 2) claim it was too incompetent to properly assess the intelligence. LIES or INCOMPETENCE. I'm down with either option. There's no way the administration can win unless the press loses interest and moves on to the latest JLo/Ben news.

However, that's difficult to do when REAL former US intelligence officials continue to expose the administration's hostility toward the truth:

A former US intelligence official who served under the Bush administration in the build-up to the Iraq war accused the White House yesterday of lying about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein.

The claims came as the Bush administration was fighting to shore up its credibility among a series of anonymous government leaks over its distortion of US intelligence to manufacture a case against Saddam.

This was the first time an administration official has put his name to specific claims. The whistleblower, Gregory Thielmann, served as a director in the state department's bureau of intelligence until his retirement in September, and had access to the classified reports which formed the basis for the US case against Saddam, spelled out by President Bush and his aides.

Mr Thielmannn said yesterday: "I believe the Bush administration did not provide an accurate picture to the American people of the military threat posed by Iraq."

And the more Bush and Comical Ari try to pin the failures on the intelligence agencies (who truly have been the "good guys" in all of this), the more those agencies will leak the truth.

Iraq continues to fester. Over a thousands of our servicemembers wounded, hundreds dead. Billions wasted. Boy. If Bush wants to run on this in 2004, he's more than welcome.

Posted July 10, 2003 12:09 AM


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