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Thursday | July 10, 2003

Who are the wounded?

From NYCO in the message boards:

Who are these 1,000 wounded? Let's take a look...

Sgt. Roy Barr Jr. of Kearns, UT: The road home from the fighting hasn't been easy for the soldier, who took shrapnel in the stomach and liver. At one point, his father said, Barr was on the critical list at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, near Ramstein Air Base in Germany. It wasn't until Sunday that Barr's parents knew he was going to survive the ordeal.

Pfc. Trevor Goldsberry of McMinnville, OR: A 2001 high school graduate: ...suffered a broken leg and might lose sight in his right eye after being hit with shrapnel during a grenade attack northwest of Baghdad. [He] was riding in a Humvee last week when a rocket-propelled grenade struck the undercarriage and exploded. He and five other members of the 43rd Combat Engineer Company were hit by pieces of flying metal.

Kyle Rovetto of Milwaukie, OR: ...was wounded July 4 when his sleeping quarters came under mortar fire in Tirkuk, north of Baghdad. Rovetto suffered shrapnel wounds to his face, back and buttock.

He underwent surgery Sunday to remove shards from his back. He was one of 18 soldiers injured in the attack, which claimed one life.

Spc. Jeremy Feldbusch of Derry, Pa.: An Army Ranger from Western Pennsylvania who was hit in the head by shrapnel during fighting in Iraq is blind and will likely suffer from seizures for the rest of his life, his family said. "He woke up in the dark. And it's been dark ever since," Charlene Feldbusch said about her son. Talking with reporters on the Fourth of July, Feldbusch's family described his injuries and what apparently will be a lifelong struggle with disability. "He's in a lot of pain. He's dealing with the fact that's he's blind," said Charlene Feldbusch...Doctors told the Feldbushes there wasn't much hope their son would live. The shrapnel caused brain swelling. After surgeons placed titanium mesh in Feldbusch's head to support his brain, he suffered from an infection and pneumonia.

Pfc. Miles Berkovitz of Green Bay, WI: Berkovitz's father, Toby, says his son was riding in an armored troop carrier during a daily patrol through Baghdad when a grenade was thrown at the vehicle traveling directly behind him. Because the back door was open to Berkovitz's carrier, a small fragment of steel from the grenade caught him in his left eye.

Spc. Brian Dean Robinson of Henderson Armory, NV: A southern Nevada soldier is in serious but stable condition after being wounded in an ambush in northeast Baghdad ...

The soldiers were heading from their base camp to a telephone center to call family members when they were ambushed, she said.

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