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Wednesday | July 23, 2003

Texas redistricting, California recall, Louisiana

Over at the Political State Report, Charles Kuffner has a gem of a report on the ongoing Texas redistricting battle. It's a bona fide mess, but so far it looks as though Democrats are holding their ground. Indeed, a recent poll on the matter shows Texans are opposed to DeLay's efforts to pad his House majority. But the state GOP is desperate, and has tricks left in its bag.

Also in Kuffner's report, read about how the Killer D's are raising big bucks in D.C. to help defend the current map. It's a tactic straight out of DeLay's playbook, and shows an increased aggressiveness and sophistication by the state's Democrats.

Also at PSR is a great deal of information on the California recall effort. The California team is on the ball, noting, among other things, that Davis cannot resign after the recall has been certified to avoid the special election.

I'm still unsure about the repercussions of a Davis resignation before certification -- clearly the best option for all involved (except the state GOP and Arnold). More on the California fiasco coming soon.

More PSR plugs: If you are an elections junkie, check out the great reports out of Louisiana, where Democrats are favored to retake the governor's mansion.

Posted July 23, 2003 01:07 AM


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