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Thursday | July 31, 2003

A little help over here?

by RonK, Seattle

From the comment boards:

Elvis 56 and I were contacted by a Seattle radio station (710 KIRO) the other day wanting to know if they could interview us on the Mike Webb show about the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count site!

... I'll bet we chatted for about 10 minutes on where the death numbers come from, and why the media cite so many different numbers. In fact, Mike Webb has put up a link to our site on his.

And then elvis56 tells me that he's been contacted by a Swedish newspaper about doing a story!!

So the site IS getting attention. Poor elvis56 had to put out a PayPal thingie the other day as his costs have gone through the roof lately what with all the hits we've been getting. And the two of us have spent some ungodly hours lately spiffing the place up and adding data.

... "little people" really can make a difference. It's been a heartening experience. (Pat K., California )

Protest picketeer Pat K. and lunavillean elvis56 kept the death toll alive after most media pro's packed up and called it "Mission Accomplished".

Hint to dailyKos regulars and penitent hawks: Now would be a good time to visit the site and drop a little jingle-jangle in the hat for bandwidth upkeep.

Hint to regular media, foundations, big league do-gooder's: Now would be a good time to support these irregulars who support the troops by reminding a war-weary world our men and women are still in harm's way. Pat K. and elvis56 do the work you should have been doing all along ... and they're playing real good, and for free.

Hats off, and wallets open!

Posted July 31, 2003 02:55 PM


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