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Thursday | July 31, 2003

Pure idiocy

By Steve Gilliard

Jack Kelly is a former undersecretary of the Air Force and a goddamn idiot. His idiocy must have been the key to his employment by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, which is the non-Richard Melon Scaife paper in Pittsburgh. How he missed his calling there is beyond me. Our readers corrected me and for that I am glad.

Vietnam is mostly jungle. I don't like jungles, but guerrillas do. There is plenty of cover and concealment. There is plenty of water. There are a lot of things to eat. Creepy crawly yucky things, but you can eat them if you have to. A large guerrilla force can live, relatively securely, in jungles for long periods.
Iraq is mostly desert. Desert offers little cover or concealment, less food and water.

No. Iraq is one of the most urbanized countries on earth. Most Iraqis live in cities. Not that deserts have stopped rebellions. But then you would have to read history to know that. They have maps of this, you know.

The North Vietnamese and their Viet Cong allies were bright, skilled, resourceful, well-led, and very brave. In Iraq, we're fighting Arabs.

What the hell does that mean? Did he not hear of 1973, when the Arabs almost won? Or the Algerian War or Lawrence of Arabia? I guess not, because the Arabs certainly don't lack for courage. Or did Uday and Qusai beg for their lives. Stupid racist coments serve no purpose. The idea that Arabs will quit and run have been disproven over and over.

It is, moreover, not such a bad thing that al Qaeda types have been drawn to Iraq. It is not good to have Islamic terrorists attacking American soldiers. But if Islamic terrorists are going to be attacking Americans somewhere, better to have them attack U.S. soldiers in Iraq where there is a high likelihood they will get their one way ticket to Allah punched than to have them attacking women and children in Chicago.

Really? How come they're using mines , killing and running away. How come they're forming up in reenforced platoons of 50 men and escaping. How come there is combat every day. Ticket punched? Is he insane? He better stopw atching Rambo and read the news. The soldier lock and load on women and children to get through their day.

The Canadian columnist David Warren has suggested the U.S. has a "flypaper strategy" to entice terrorists from the region into Iraq, so that they might be killed there. This is not the sort of policy one announces, but it could be true, and it would be shrewd if it were true.

This is the dumbest thing one could put in print. There is no finite number of terrorists. Some will go to Iraq, some will come to the US. Flypaper? No, stupidity. People become terrorists every day. And the people fighting in Iraq are locals. Anyone who comes to join them does so for their own reasons.

This is just some really stupid crap someone wrote. Someone too lazy to pick up a map or read a newspaper and it irritates the hell out of me. A series of dumber than a box of rocks comments dressed up like they make sense when they don't.

Posted July 31, 2003 09:04 PM


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