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Thursday | August 07, 2003

Latest poll out of Michigan

Latest results out of Michigan (for its Feb. 7 caucuses) show more of the same: (May results in parenthesis)

Lieberman: 19 (27)
Gephardt: 19 (19)
Kerry: 15 (14)
Dean: 13 (4)
Edwards: 6 (2)
Braun: 5 (1)
Sharpton: 5 (4)
Graham: 3 (7)
Kucinich: 2 (2)
I couldn't find the actual poll results themselves to extract additional insight, but the poll's 6 percent MOE is pretty extreme. In any case, the results are consistent with most other recent polls -- Lieberman drops and Dean gains.

But also in the poll, check out Bush's numbers: (May results in parenthesis):

Favorability: 53 (60)

Will vote for Bush: 45
Will vote for Democrat: 44

And did I ever mention that Michigan Guv Jennifer Granholm is a rockstar?
Seventy percent gave her a rating of excellent or good in a poll conducted July 29 through Monday by Lansing-based EPIC/MRA, compared to 65 percent in a June EPIC/MRA poll. Twenty-five percent gave her a negative rating and 5 percent were undecided in the latest poll; 29 percent gave her a negative rating six weeks ago.
If Orin Hatch's efforts to allow foreign-born Americans to be prez or veep succeed (an idea whose time has come), the Canadian-born Granholm would be on the fast-track to the White House.

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