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Thursday | August 07, 2003

Bustamante is in

Had Gray Davis given a damn about California, he would've resigned just before the recall election was certified. The move would've been a kick in the eye of Republicans and Issa (who spent up to $2 million of his own cash on the recall effort), would've kept the governorship in good Democratic hands (Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante), and would've spared cash-strapped California tens of millions of dollars needed to stage the election.

But Davis cares about two things -- himself, and the special interests who have ponied up large amounts of cash to his war chest (like the prison guard union).

Thankfully, we now have a real Democrat on the ballot -- none other than Bustamante himself.

The move takes pressure off Loretta Sanchez to enter the fray, and gives Democrats a good alternative should Davis be ousted.

Davis and Bustamante have had a strained relationship. In the early days of their first term, Bustamante criticized Davis for issues dealing with Proposition 187 (the bane of Latinos in this great state). Davis retaliated by pulling parking passes for Bustamante's staff.

Davis will apparently continue to run against the recall, rather than give voters a reason to vote for him. So long as he continues to do this, it's imperative the Dems have a fall-back position, because Davis will lose.

Posted August 07, 2003 08:29 AM


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