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Monday | August 11, 2003

Graham has a blog

Bob Graham has a blog. Good for him. Though he claims he's the "original blogger" because of his meticulous note taking. Someone tell Graham that "blogger" means "web logger", and that he's only been one for a week.

Still, here are some suggested topics. To help his numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire, he needs to make it clear that he's not Phil Gramm, hateful ex-Senator from Texas. And to help his numbers in South Carolina, he needs to make clear he's not Lindsey Graham, the Republican who won the state's Senate seat last year.

Graham has the most unfortunate name this election cycle, which could explain his low numbers and high negatives in poll after poll.

Update: Kerry has a blog as well. It seems that Dean fans have been causing a ruckus over there, which is unfortunate. Trolling is no good, period.

One bit of advice to the Kerry people -- link to Kerry supporting bloggers like Steve Soto. You are trying to build community, after all.

Now, if only Edwards got a blog (Oliver Willis would've been a great resource for his campaign, but they dissed him and now he's raising money for Dean), as well as Lieberman and Gephardt, we'd be on our way to a more interactive and participatory Democratic primary. What are those guys waiting for?

Update: The case for trolling.

Posted August 11, 2003 09:58 AM


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