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Monday | August 11, 2003

Do the California Dems have their act together?

Since I am in a particularly snarky mood today, let me take the California Democratic Party to task.

In short, how can we Dems fight back against the recall? They've known this thing was coming for at least two months, so they must've put something together to fight back, right?

I've gotten several emails from frustrated activists here in California -- they've been trying to get yard signs, bumperstickers, flyers, anything at all to start plastering neighborhoods. But, their local party headquarters had nothing.

Being the wired kind of guy, I hit the state party's website expecting to find something. On the homepage we see a list of press releases and recall articles. It's something, but it doesn't give me, the activist, a way to fight back.

I click on the "action center" and get the following two "action items":

Tell Congress to Support a Responsible Budget in Face of War in Iraq

Call on New GOP Chairman To Denounce Racist Rhetoric
Because, apparently, those are the big challenges facing the California Dems right now.


The party should've had yard signs ready to go. Bumperstickers. It should have flyers and brochures available for downloading and printing. It should offer activists a point-by-point primer on things we can do to help fight the recall.

Yet the best we seem to get is outrage over the recall process. Yeah, we get it. It sucks. But it's the law, and the other side got it on the ballot. All that should matter now is how we fight it.

Seriously, it's too late to fight the recall. And if a Republican wins, I plan on helping make sure there's another recall on the March 2004 ballot (we should be able to score 900,000 signatures in three weeks, tops).

So we've got to stop the whining and start organizing. And to organize, the activists have to have the proper tools.

Posted August 11, 2003 11:56 AM


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