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Tuesday | September 02, 2003

Family values in action

The party of "family values" strikes again, as Colorado's GOoPer governor announced a separation from his wife.

Owens, a devout Catholic, has touted family values as a cornerstone of his administration. Some immediately questioned what impact it would have on Owens' political career if the couple were to divorce. Owens has been mentioned by conservative Republicans as a potential presidential candidate, even though he has never publicly said he is interested in running.
This is the same governor who pushed to ban gay marriage in Colorado because... Well, I'm not quite sure. Apparently, it's the sole perogative of a woman and a man to make a sham of marriage.

To be clear, I don't give a shit that Owens is separated, or even if he -- gasp! -- files for divorce. But it's self-rightous idiots like him that ride the "family values" horse for electoral gain, yet demand privacy when they make a mockery of the institution.

(Somone out there needs to take a look at the marriage record of all congressional Dems and Republicans. I'm willing to bet that Dems have less divorces under their belts, per capita, than Republicans.)

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