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Tuesday | September 02, 2003

Does Edwards have a chance?

I've ignored writing anything substantive about Edwards for some time now. Given that he's being outpolled by some of the fringe candidates, there's no need to waste any time on him until he can prove he's viable and has some traction.

However, this debate between a couple of NC bloggers is interesting. It starts with 9 reasons John Edwards will drop out of the presidential race before Christmas, which is then rebutted by DrFrankLives on his blog. (DrFrank is a valiant defender of Edwards on the dKos message boards.)

My take is that Edwards will drop out if he can't improve his poll numbers over the next few months. But that's based on nothing more than gut feeling. It's impossible to overestimate the ego of a politician.

In any case, the Edwards campaign, if it had any clue, would hire one or both of these guys, or this guy to help out with their web efforts. Or they could've hired Oliver Willis before he defected to Dean.

Lots of good Edwards bloggers, yet the campaign seems to be dissing them all. And given that campaign will be unveiling its new Internet strategy this week, the lack of blogger input is curious.

Update: DrFrankLives says he'll be posting on the Edwards blog. He also hints it's ugly. No he doesn't. I misunderstood. He hinted that it would've been ugly had he designed it himself.

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