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Sunday | September 07, 2003

Powell also tries to defend wars

Yesterday it was Rumsfeld who argued that things were peachy in Iraq, today it's Powell.

Powell, speaking on ABC's "This Week" hours before the president was to address the nation about his global effort against terrorism, said there was no need for a mid-course correction in Iraq or Afghanistan.

"We have a good strategy and we're executing that strategy," he said. "The results are that two despotic regimes are gone. The results are that there will be no more mass graves created ... that children are going back to school."

Good strategy...

Usually, those guys just make shit up and are left unchallenged. Unfortunately for Powell, Sen. Kennedy was present to slap him silly:

"The administration has to abolish its 'my-way-or-the-highway' attitude," Kennedy said. "For the secretary to suggest that we have a successful strategy flies in the face of the fact that we're seeing Americans killed daily" and have seen several recent bombings.

"We don't have an exit strategy," he said. "It's difficult to understand how you can have a successful policy in Iraq when you don't have an exit strategy."

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