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Sunday | September 07, 2003

Hillary strikes back -- at EPA

Pissed off at an EPA report that declared Ground Zero safe when the evidence indicated otherwise, Sen. Clinton said she will block the nomination of Bush's EPA nominee (Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt).

In a telephone interview, Clinton told The Associated Press she would place a hold on the nomination of Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, a procedural move that would prevent the full Senate from voting on his confirmation, though it does not stop committee hearings.

"This is an effort to get the administration that he wants to join to take responsibility," she said.

Clinton said she would lift the hold only if the White House answered her concerns about the EPA report. She said she held no personal grudge against Leavitt but hopes the hold to force the administration to answer questions.

"This is a very big issue," she said. "It not only has to do with the health and safety of the people I represent. It has to do with the credibility and trust of this entire government."

Watch the wingnuts hyperventilate.

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