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Sunday | September 07, 2003

Terror Warning Warning: Qaeda, Dubya & Bushwa

by RonK, Seattle

Josh Marshall (with assists by Juan Cole and others) finds something fishy in the WaPo's alarming Iran/Iraq/Qaeda terrorist connection story. (Hint: the WaPo piece is co-authored by Susan "Steno Sue" Schmidt.)

JMM's caveats may have important bearing on informed interpretation of GWB's imminent TV address. If you hear Bush talking about Zarqawi in Baghdad and Qaeda in Iran, lift the corners of the text and sniff carefully.

Post-Speech Update: No extended terrorist connection claims in The Speech ... but watch for it in the buzz surrounding Congressional deliberatins in weeks ahead.

The Speech itself was mostly familiar phrases with brushed-up connectives, but I did pick up one new note: we went into Iraq to save them from "decades of oppression and mismanagement". Hmmm. "Mismanagement" ... that's new, IIRC.

Wouldn't want all those poor Iraqi people to suffer the agonies of mismanagement, would we? Hmmmmm.

Not sure what form of mismanagement the POTUS had in mind, but it sounds like a good pretext for a wave of hostile takeovers followed by zero-based budgeting, functional reengineering, cultural transformation, focus on core competencies, benchmarking, outsourcing, downsizing and generally moving people's cheese until they all go crackers.

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