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Wednesday | October 08, 2003

Rice: Iraq never disarmed

Apparently, the administration's new "defend the war" strategy is employing the administration's favorite tactic. The lie.

Condoleezza Rice told a foreign policy forum in Chicago that the team led by chief U.S. weapons hunter David Kay "is finding proof that Iraq never disarmed and never complied with U.N. inspectors."

In fact, she suggested, if the U.N. Security Council knew last winter what Kay's group has uncovered now, it never would have rejected the U.S. call for war [...]

"Right up until the end, Saddam lied to the Security Council. And let there be no mistake, right up to the end, Saddam Hussein continued to harbor ambitions to threaten the world with weapons of mass destruction and to hide his illegal weapons activity," she told the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.

So there they go again, just making shit up. Literally.

Kay found a single vial of botox a bacteria so common you could find it in your backyard, and not a single chemical, nuclear or biological weapon. So would the UNSC have authorized war on behalf of a vial of botox?

And what exactly where Saddam's lies? His assertions that Iraq was WMD-free bore out. The only lies I'm seeing are those the administration used to justify the war, and those they continue to spew to this day to rationalize their failures.

In the past, such blatant lying would've actually succeeded. These days, that's no longer assured.

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