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Wednesday | October 08, 2003

So Iraq was an imminent threat

Over the past few weeks, Bush apologists like Instapundit and Andrew Sullivan have denied that Bush declared Iraq an imminent threat. It never happened, they argue. Bush never said the words "imminent" and "threat".

Well, they might want to drop a line to the Bush campaign, as they just blogged those very two words:

Syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker expresses not only her disbelief at the news coverage of the Kay report, but her judgment that Kay’s report does indeed prove that conditions in Iraq posed an imminent threat to the United States and the world.
So back to the drawing board, guys.

And oh yeah, that Parker column is a hoot, as she is chilled -- chilled I say! -- by labs that are "suitable" for WMD research (which would make every highschool lab suspect, right?) and a prison that could've "possibly" be used for human testing of said WMDs.

And to top it off, those silly hypotheticals and rhetorical reaches lead this Parker lady (had never heard of her before) conclude that:

Surely before the war, those circumstances posed a threat, perhaps even imminent, that if allowed to flower would have provided the incontrovertible proof we so crave -- too late.”

Update: No wonder the Bush blog approvingly cites Parker.

Since terrorists brought down the twin towers and part of the Pentagon, we've repeatedly witnessed America's leaders praying, singing, pledging and asking the nation's citizens to join them.

Which is to say, our children must be awfully confused. Reared and educated in godless institutions that also scarcely acknowledge the importance of patriotism — watching adults sing songs they've never learned — they must wonder "wassup." It's as though America's adults belong to a secret society to which their children have never been exposed [...]

I don't know how we reconcile the legal separation of church and state required by law with the marriage of God and country demanded by our national psyche, but I'm sure we can figure out something.

If we're to win this war — sure to last into our children's futures — we have to reweave the rituals of God and country into our institutions. We can't expect children to understand and someday defend a heritage that they have never been given.

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